How expesnive are rack servers?

The starting price of one good quality in win case rack server can start from $600. However, other factors that determine the prices include –

  • Type of inwin case enclosures

These can vary depending on the material used to make the enclosure, the size, and the number of trays, with the smaller sizes of one tray going for about $600.

  • Hardware Specifications

These include the memory space, processor speeds, and hard drive capacity.

In most inwin cases, the least memory space is 4GB but can be expanded up to 64GB. The processor is also a determinant as the higher the processor speed (like the fastest which is Intel i7), the faster the servers. In addition, the hard drive space is also considered, where moderate space of 500GB or higher capacities of 1TB can be preferred.

The higher the memory spaces, processers and hard drive space, the faster and more effective the server, and thus the higher the prices, which can range from $1,000 - $5,000, especially for rack servers that have a higher range of all the specifications.

  • AdditionalAccessories –

Rack servers can come with an additional feature to help maintain the servers. Good examples are the rack servers with additional air conditioning to prevent the server equipment from over-heating and damaging. Rack servers with these features can go for a price range of $5,000 - $7000.

Now you can get a Rack server within your budget and it is one of the best servers for sale!

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